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Eye Glasses

Visit our optical center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

At Iowa Eye Center Optical, our goal is to help you understand the broad range of eyeglasses available to enhance your vision and appearance. Our opticians are certified by the American Board of Opticianry and our entire optical staff attends continuing education courses to stay up to date on the industry’s ever-changing product line - there are very few eyeglasses we haven't personally evaluated. We strive to make sure you are completely happy with your eyeglasses and look forward to your next visit to Iowa Eye Center Optical!

Iowa Eye Center Optical professionally fits many types of contact lenses, such as soft to rigid gas permeable, disposable, bifocal, multifocal, monovision, toric and other specialty or custom contacts.

Eye Glasses - Frames

Iowa Eye Center Optical has a frame for every face!

If you're looking for unique, trendy or classic eyeglasses, we have them. Iowa Eye Center Optical chooses only the finest quality frames in titanium, stainless steel, standard metal, plastic materials and drill mounts. Styles are available in sizes from infant to adult.

We extend a year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your choice of frames. We will exchange your frame one time in 60 days for patient satisfaction.

Stop in and see the latest in frame comfort, elegance and originality!

Eye Glasses - Lenses

Single Vision Lenses - These provide vision at one distance – which may be distance (for driving), intermediate (for using a computer), or near (for reading). They come in a variety of materials.

Bifocal Lenses - These provide vision at two distances. Most bifocals provide vision near and at distance, however, near and intermediate correction is increasing among computer users. Bifocals have two visibly distinct areas of vision separated by a segment line of varying widths.

Trifocal Lenses - These lenses provide vision at three distances. The upper portion offers long distance vision while the lower part of the lens is split into near and intermediate viewing segments.

Task Specific Lenses - – These provide a solution to a specific problem, particularly for hobbyists, computer users, mechanics, golfers, musicians, and painters, who have unique visual requirements. Speak with our opticians concerning your needs.

Sport Lenses - The sport lenses are available in an assortment of colors, designs and coatings for your sporting event. Safety is fundamental in eyewear for sports, so polycarbonate lenses are recommended.

Eye Glasses - Lens Treatments

Transition/Photochromic Lenses - These lenses become dark and lighten with exposure to light. They darken while you’re exposed to the sun and lighten when you move indoors.

Ultra-Violet Protection - The Ultra-Violet rays from the sun can damage your eyes. Ultra-Violet protection on each lense protects your eyes from damaging rays like sunscreen protects skin.

Anti-Reflective Coating - This coating prevents tiring of the eyes in many situations, particularly at night and if you are looking at a computer screen. Anti-reflective lenses are also widely preferred, as the wearer’s eyes can be seen behind the glass lenses, not hidden in reflections.

Polarized Sun Lenses - Any surfaces create a glare in the sunlight, such as windows, buildings and vehicles, as well as water, snow, and sand. Polarization lessens eye strain and sun fatigue by eliminating glare.

Tinted Lenses - Tints come in a rainbow of colors from very dark to very light and gradient (which is dark from the top that fades to clear on the bottom).

Mirrored Sun Lenses - A mirrored coating provides reflective surfaces that make the eye invisible to viewers. Mirrors are available in an array of colors to improve visual performance.

High Index Lenses - These thinner, flatter lenses enhance the lens appearance by reducing edge or center thickness. They are lighter weight and have Ultra-Violet protection.

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At Iowa Eye Center, our experienced medical and surgical eye doctors and ophthalmologists provide superior vision care. We perform the latest vision corrective surgery, the Ultra LASIK. Our optical center in Cedar Rapids, IA can help you choose the perfect eyeglasses to enhance your vision and appearance.

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